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Serdur Global

Dear business partners and beloved colleagues,
The past two years have been a challenging period as we dealt with the economic and societal turbulence caused by the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide. The pandemic not only affected our budgets but also completely transformed our daily conversations, habits, expectations, and plans. It restricted social life and the operations of certain sectors. However, with the widespread availability of vaccines and the commencement of drug production for the treatment of the disease, we anticipate that the global economy will begin to recover from 2022 onwards.
During the pandemic, the health of our employees was our top priority at Serdur Global. We diligently implemented precautionary measures while staying committed to our work. Simultaneously, in the face of rapidly evolving technology and new concepts entering our lives, we made swift and agile decisions. Strengthening our portfolio by reinforcing our creativity in design with our manufacturing capabilities, we expanded our presence to new countries. Soon, our offices in Istanbul and Doha will be joined by offices in Dubai and Miami as Serdur Global continues to provide services across four continents and more than 40 countries.
Taking a closer look at the furniture industry, in 2019, the global furniture production exceeded $700 billion, while Turkey's share was only $11 billion. It is expected that by 2030, the production in our country will reach $29 billion, with a global equivalent of $1.4 trillion. In the last five years, India's inclusion among the largest producers (China 36%, USA 11%, Italy 5%) with a 5% annual growth rate does not come as a surprise. As the Serdur Global family, we have set our sights high. We aim to grow our market share each year and become one of the most important producers in the Gulf region and eventually the world. We also acknowledge the growth potential of Africa, the only region with a young population, and will not overlook it by 2025.
In line with these goals, we integrate the latest technology into our production lines in both Istanbul and Doha factories and implement the most innovative systems. Simultaneously, we focus on energy and water efficiency while prioritizing the conservation of natural resources. We conduct our activities in alignment with sustainability principles, adopting production methods that respect the ecosystem and create value for nature, as we are aware of the crucial role sustainability will play in the near future.
As the Serdur Global family, we will continue our steady growth in 2022. We are determined to increase our contribution to the country's economy by focusing on production and exports. We will intensify our efforts to strengthen our presence in the global arena with the addition of our Cadı Design and Sernox brands. Embracing our vision of being an "example" and "pioneer," we will be relentless in our pursuit of innovation, continuous improvement, brand expansion, and financial discipline. With sensible optimism and steadfast commitment, we will continue to serve and produce for all stakeholders.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers, suppliers, managers, colleagues, and all stakeholders who support us. Together, we will achieve many more successes.
With Love and Respect...


Serkan Mehmet Durdu – Chairman of Serdur Global Board of Directors