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Serdur Global, which has delivered "turnkey" projects in over 40 countries, is a leading brand in high-quality fit-out services, thanks to its experienced team of architects, interior designers, civil engineers, and planners, as well as its customer-oriented approach. In this article, we will share with you how an architectural design process unfolds under the Serdur Global umbrella. If you're ready, let's start from that first meeting.

The first step towards the magnificent finale is our client getting acquainted with our creative, dynamic, and experienced interior designers. Our team initially focuses on the intended use of the building to be constructed or renovated because the purpose of use is the decisive factor in each tailor-made interior design project. The flawlessness of interior design is closely related to its planning from the beginning of the construction process. Completing the interior design project of a space not only reveals the final appearance but also provides a detailed plan for the work to be carried out during the construction process.


Why Choose Us?

Before starting a design, our interior designers carefully listen to our clients' desires, needs, and preferences for decoration elements such as colors and materials for both the interior and exterior spaces of the building. Once our team gathers all the necessary information, they conduct a site visit to take measurements of the entire space, examine the existing infrastructure, and study all the details of the interior space as a whole. This marks the beginning of the first phase of the design project.

Based on the meetings with our clients, Serdur Global's experienced interior design team prepares a visual presentation (mood-board). This presentation showcases the composition of colors, materials, and furniture that can be used in the space. After incorporating any necessary revisions according to the client's preferences, three-dimensional (3D Render) visuals are created, reflecting the final appearance of the space with the selected colors, materials, and furniture. If requested, custom furniture is also designed for the project. Upon the client's approval, the "conceptual project" is completed.

With the completion of the conceptual project, our team now has a guide that shows the visuals of the space and how the implementation will proceed. Detailed lists of all materials to be used in the project are compiled. This includes floor plans, ceiling plans, flooring plans, electrical and plumbing layouts, and detailed specifications, resulting in the completion of the "implementation project." This clarifies both the budget and timeline required for the project's execution.

Once the implementation project is completed, Serdur Global's factories come into play. Our drafting teams create drawings that will guide the production of furniture. The wood veneer, fabric, or metal components to be used in furniture production are selected and quickly procured. After finalizing the materials and drawings, our teams proceed with production. Serdur Global manufactures all its furniture in its own facilities. Our factories in Istanbul and Doha (Qatar) have the necessary equipment and infrastructure to use and process all types of raw materials related to furniture. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, our factories produce in compliance with contemporary techniques and EU and US standards.

While furniture production continues, any fit-out works for the project are completed, if applicable. Our experienced construction team first handles mechanical and electrical infrastructure works, followed by the completion of "fine works," including gypsum wall and ceiling applications, plastering, and painting. After all these tasks are finished, the space is thoroughly cleaned, and the environment is made suitable for the furniture assembly. The manufactured furniture and upholstered items are transported to the site and assembled accordingly. Upholstered products are placed, curtains are hung, and carpets are laid. After final checks, the space is handed over to the customer "turnkey" and ready for use.